There are many stray and abandoned dogs and puppies on the streets of Uganda, finding it hard to source food for themselves and often injured with no one to help them; I’ve seen dogs that can’t walk due to traffic accidents and very sick pups in need of life saving medical treatment.

Donations are the only way I can continue my work in caring for these babies that I consider as my extended family.

My name is Marvin, I live in Kampala, Uganda, with my younger brother. As an animal lover and seeing my late father care for the local dogs, Centre of Joy Dog Care was born. A place of refuge the local dogs can call home, be fed and receive the medical care they need.

In order to feed, care and medicate the dogs, donations are of extreme importance to me, anything you can give to help the dogs in my care is so very appreciated.

Marvin x

Founder, Centre of Joy Dogs